Exploring the region of trulli, castles and two seas

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Hardback - 23.5 x 28.5 cm
32 pagine
I Edizione 2015
I Ristampa 2018
Cover Salento
ISBN 9788899180591


Did you know that in Puglia there are underground caves, stacks of strange shapes and forests of olive trees?

And did you know that Castel del Monte was built by the Emperor Frederick II using the number eight? And that Father Christmas is connected to Puglia, and they even have mummies here?

From Bari to Lecce, the Gargano to Taranto, a real page-turner of a book, a travelling companion for an exciting trip to the trulli and bright white churches, firework festivals and handmade objects, legends of mermaids and shipwrecks, paradise beaches and lip-smacking food.

Including a map of Puglia.