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Venezia & Dolomiti

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Author: William Dello Russo
Photographer: Nicolò Miana
Illustrator: Luisa Bertolo
Translator: Paola Gandrus

Two Unesco World Heritage Sites in a breathtaking panoramic view

Two Unesco World Heritage Sites: the Dolomites and the Historical Center of Venice, for the first time together in a breathtaking panoramic view. The photographs, more than 54 inches long, were shot from an exceptional point of view which allows you to see the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites which rise over Venetian bell towers and palaces. 

On the back there is an accurate drawing which reveals the names and characteristics of the most famous peaks and describes the bell towers, churches and palaces of the Serenissima.

Language: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Folding poster, 136.5x23.5 cm
ISBN 978-88-99180-35-5


Venezia e Dolomiti Venezia e Dolomiti