21 May Boboli Gardens opens in Florence

From May 21st the Boboli Gardens in Florence will open

<< From the Medici splendor to the baroque bizarre, from romanticism
19th century to the contemporary garden, the villa is central
in Tuscan culture, in the wake of that respectful relationship
between man and nature. The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
they know grandiose projects: the Medici villas are places
of wonders and prestigious instruments
of the Florentine family. The finest minds strive
to the construction of suburban houses of great severity
and elegance, immersed in gardens articulated on terraces,
surrounded by walls and refreshed by fountains and pools, as a
Castle. The symmetry of the solutions slowly yields the
step to mannerist inspiration: artificial caves are born,
which sometimes house stone zoos, or colossal statues
like the personification of the Apennines in Pratolino.
Water games, automatons and other finds delight visitors
and the court together with a flood of ancient statues, hard stones, mother of pearl and
precious marbles. In Boboli the Italian garden is transformed
in an authentic park suited to courtesan needs. >>

See information on https://www.uffizi.it/avvisi/apertura-botanica-boboli

Book https://www.simebooks.com/collections/travel/products/toscana-terra-d-arte-e-meraviglie-land-of-art-and-wonders

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