On this page you will find all the channels to contact us according to your needs and information relating to distribution.

For online purchases and / or information for individuals, bookstores, concept stores or shops and for corporate gifts, outfitting in points of sale or other collaboration proposals for companies:
Atiesse Representations - Simebooks exclusive agent
S.S. 113 km 248.8 street number 49 - 90011 - Bagheria (Pa)
Tel./Fax 091.6143954 - Cell. 3939117241

Do you have an editorial project to propose to us?
If you believe that SIME BOOKS is the right publisher to publish your project, send us your proposal by writing to

Press office - Press kit
Journalists and bloggers interested in writing a review of SIME BOOKS books can request a free pdf copy from the publishing house by writing