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Ron Galella the most famous paparazzo superstar in the history of photography on display at Palazzo Sarcinelli in Conegliano

.... The highlight of the exhibition is the room entirely dedicated to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, whom Galella called "my obsession" and to whom he had dedicated two entire books. In this room a copy of the very famous “Windblown Jackie”, chosen by Time a few years ago as “one of the 100 most influential photographs in the history of photography” and defined as “my Mona Lisa” by Galella himself. The start date of the exhibition was chosen precisely because "Windblown Jackie” it was taken on October 7, 1971.

It is an unmissable exhibition which, at the time of selfies and Instagram, takes us back to a time that no longer exists, in which stars entered our homes above all through the pages of fashion weeklies and tabloids, record covers, movie posters and flyers. This happened also thanks to the paparazzi and, in particular, to Ron, who with his photographs allowed us to see the stars more closely.

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