The best beaches in Sicily

From the sites of classical mythology to the bustling bathing facilites of today, Sicily offers beaches to delight everyone – white or golden sand, gravel, pebbles, and rocky fingers that stretch out into the sea. And the sea itself is just as varied, sparkling with every possible shade of blue.

(From 150+ Spiagge in Sicilia - Beaches of Sicily)

1. Cefalù

With colourful fishing boats here and there, this beautiful beach, near the pier and just below the houses, is utterly picturesque.

Cefalù, © Alessandro Saffo/SIME


2. Scala dei Turchi

Spectacular white limestone cliffs lead down to the sea here, creating a unique panorama. Scala dei Turchi is deservedly among the most famous places in Sicily.

Scala dei Turchi, ©Massimo Riapani/SIME


3. Isola Bella

On the point and along the strip of land that connects this island to the mainland is one of the most spectacular beaches in Sicily, with stunning views of the island, Cape Taormina, and Cape Sant’Andrea.

Isola Bella © Antonino Bartuccio/SIME

4. Lipari, Valle Muria

This charming little bay is set on the south-western side of the island among stunning cliffs with views of the volcanic island of Vulcano. Not far away are two famous sea stacks.

Lipari, Valle Muria © Alessandro Saffo/SIME


5. Lampedusa - Isola dei Conigli

Translating as the ‘Island of the Rabbits’, Isola dei Conigli is actually a nesting site for sea turtles. The beach here has fine white sand. Access to the island is prohibited.

Lampedusa - Isola dei Conigli © Johanna Huber/SIME


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