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Go Wild For A While

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Author: Alberta Magris
Photography:Alessandro Saffo, Captureworx, Carlos Aguilera, David Hornback, Enrico Martino, Fridmar Damm, Gabriele Bano, Gianni Iorio, Giovanni Simeone, Guido Cozzi, Johanna Huber, Jonathan Scott, Justin Foulkes, Manfred Bortoli, Manfred Kostner, Massimo Borchi, Matteo Carassale, Maurizio Rellini, Natalino Russo, Nino Bartuccio, Olimpio Fantuz, Pietro Canali, Stefano Amantini, Stefano Brozzi, Ugo Mellone

Language: English
Cover: Soft cover with elastic closure
Format: 10,5x18,5 cm, 144 pages - 36 photos, 100 gms, FSC certified paper, acid free (pH Neutral)
ISBN 978-88-99180-79-9

It is not the destination, but the voyage that matters. The poet Giuseppe Ungaretti also wrote it: “The goal is to leave”.

Whether you're leaving for a trip around the world or within yourself, you'll need a light-hearted and serene, lively and light-hearted adventure companion. A support for your ideas and a source of inspiration. In short, a freedom mate.

The pages of this Personal Jo represent a dialogue of On the road by Jack Kerouac: "We must go and not stop until we get there" / "Where do we go?" / "I don't know, but we have to go".

What color are you?

Green are the leaves, plants and trees at their peak. In our imagination of human beings now accustomed to domestic and urban environments, green represents what is external. Green transports the mind away from everyday life.

It is the color of adventure and courage, but also of sensitivity, openness to life and continuous discovery.
You don't need to move to go far: just stretch, twist, creep in, free yourself. Just like vegetables which, although fixed, are continually projected elsewhere.