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Los Angeles Restaurants

Classic Joints and Iconic Eats in the City of Angels

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Texts: Andrea Richards
Photo: Giovanni Simeone
Language: English
Format: Hard Cover without spine, 13,7x24,5 cm, 240 pages
ISBN: 9781952643002
Co-publisher: Sunset & Venice

** In US available on Sunset&Venice

The Angels is one of the top restaurant cities in the world, and while much of the focus is on the new, it's the old standbys that offer a true taste of the city. These classic locales – places best termed "joints" for their timeless flair – offer a unique perspective into the city's past and, in their enduring appeal, reveal what Los Angeles continues to be. From Googie coffee shops and historic delis to Old Hollywood haunts and fames taco stands, these mom-and-pop establishments are institutions beloved by generations because they offer something good to eat and a side of soul.

Featuring more than fifty joints, Los Angeles Restaurants is proof that sometimes a dark, corner booth in a mid-century steakhouse or a seat at a busy luch counter with a burger is the best seat in town. So whether it's a popular neighborhood pizza joint, a family-run mole mecca, Sinatra's favorite beach shack, a stylish, century-old landmark, or a groovy supper club with a couple of crooning septuagenarians, these are places locals and visitors alike can appreciate. Los Angeles Restaurants is more than a guidebook to the city's most iconic eats; it's a photographic adventure that gives you a fresh serving of LA's colorful past and its vibrant present.