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The Cathedral, the mosaics, the cloister

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Author: Lisa Sciortino
Photo: Antonino Bartuccio, Enzo Lo Verso
Languages: Italian, English, French, German
Format: Hardcover, 20.7x24.5cm, 192 pages

Editions available:
Monreale. Il Duomo, i mosaici, il chiostro
(III Reprint November 2021)
ISBN 9788895218472 (Italian)
Monreale. The Cathedral, the mosaics, the cloister 
(III Reprint November 2021)
ISBN 9788895218533 (English)
Monreale. La Cathédrale, les mosaïques, le cloître
ISBN 9788895218540 (French)
Monreale. Die Kathedrale, die Mosaike, der Kreuzgang
ISBN 9788895218557 (Tedesco)

Among the most extraordinary European medieval monuments, the Cathedral of Monreale evokes the apex of the power of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily.
His birth is legendary, wanted by the Madonna who appeared in a dream to William II, the "golden temple" was built in a very short time, surpassing all the previous sacred buildings in splendour. There are many stylistic components that characterize the architectural complex in which Greek, Roman, Arab, Venetian, Pisan, Apulian and Provençal influences harmonize.

The profusion of mosaics, the sparkle of the gold tiles, the grandeur of the building have always fascinated and amazed visitors who have admired the splendor of the Cathedral, defined by Guy de Maupassant as "the most complete, richest and more impressive as regards the mosaic decoration on a golden background".