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My Mini Rome

Discover the Eternal City and the Wonders of Lazio

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Author: William Dello Russo
Illustrator: Camilla Pintonato
Translator: Richard Sadleir
Language: Italian and English
Format: Hard cover, 23.5x28.5 cm, 32 pages

Editions available:
My Mini Roma - Alla scoperta della Città Eterna e delle meraviglie del Lazio
ISBN 9788899180218 (Italian)
My Mini Rome - Discover the Eternal City and the Wonders of Lazio
ISBN 9788899180430 (english)

Did you know that a Rome can you meet many marble animals and real cats among the archaeological ruins? And that in addition to the Colosseum and the immense remains of the ancient Roman civilization you can find a mysterious pyramid, very long catacombs and Egyptian obelisks? And did you know that by entering the Vatican City you will visit another state? And that just outside Rome there is a beautiful forest populated by petrified monsters?

Between archeology, history and religion, a book to leaf through to make an adventurous journey through ancient remains, churches, squares and fountains, famous sculptures and works of art, legends and mysteries, roaring parties, trips out of town and delicious food.

Getting started • History • Legends and mysteries • Colosseum, Forums and Palatine Hill • Vatican City • Churches • Squares, fountains and obelisks • Sculptures • Historical characters • Animals • Outings • Tuscia, the sea and the rest of Lazio • Let's do party! • Everyone at the table!