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New York - Metaphysics of the Urban Landscape

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Photographer: Gabriel Croppi
Language: English and Italian
Format: Hardcover, 32x36 cm, 96 pages

Editions available:
NEW YORK - Metaphysics of the Urban Landscape
ISBN 9788895218694 (English)
New York - Metafisica del paesaggio urbano
ISBN: 9788895218885 (Italian)

** In US available on Sunset&Venice

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The singularity of the work of Gabriel Croppi it lies in the fact that he manages to achieve a bare and strongly evocative form by lowering solitary figures in some of the busiest and most chaotic areas of the city.

Croppi himself seems to perceive the weakness of the objective world and the inner resonance that dark tones and emptiness are able to reach. The color black, rather dominant in this series dedicated to New York City, far from being a mere stylistic element, acts as a dramatic process.
The vision of these images forces us to linger stubbornly on their details, generating an alienating effect obtained in the belief – underlined by the artist himself – that “in photography the metaphysical dimension is strengthened by an extremely realistic or even hyper-realistic language”.

For three consecutive years, Gabriele Croppi has been the winner of the prestigious award IPA International Photography Awards nelle categorie: Architecture-Buildings e People-Lifestyle.