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Polpo e Spada - Catch of the Day

Ricette e avventure gastronomiche nei mari del Sud Italia
Recipes and culinary adventures in Southern Italy

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Texts: Domenico Ottaviano
Photographers: Maurizio Rellini
Illustrations: Monica Parussolo
Translation: Richard Sadleir
Language: bilingual Italian-English
Format: hard cover, 16.5x24 cm, 224 pages
ISBN: 9788899180508

** In US available on Sunset&Venice

45 recipes, 22 insights, 100 photographs, 15 drawings.

Octopus, swordfish and then tuna, blue fish, paranza fish and soup fish, red prawns, prawns and clams are the protagonists of the seafood cuisine in Southern Italy and create unique dishes with an authentic Mediterranean flavor. The result of ancient knowledge, the recipes in this book are a faithful representation of the culinary customs of these lands, updated in the light of a contemporary vision. Ingredients and traditions of the different regional cuisines come together leading to a contamination between Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Campania, Abruzzo and Molise.

"Octopus and sword" it also offers a rich and detailed insight into the seafaring culture and the traditional fishing, recounting ancient methods of centuries that have almost disappeared today, the different types of fish and seafood preserves. All with an eye to the most genuinely popular elements of the culture of the sea in Southern Italy, in many respects a universe that is still "archaic" and a harbinger of legends and ancestral tales with a mythical flavor.