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Author: Alessandra Dammone
Translator: Richard Sadleir
Photography: Alessandro Saffo, Dave Walsh, Giovanni Simeone, Johanna Huber, Laurent Grandadam, Massimo Ripani, Nino Bartuccio

Language: bilingual Italian English
Cover: Soft cover with elastic closure
Format: 10,5x18,5 cm, 144 pages - 36 photos, 100 gms, FSC certified paper, acid free (pH Neutral)
ISBN 978-88-99180-78-2

You too can smell the scent of Orange flowers?

We are in Sicily, in that “land of gods and heroes” which, over the centuries, everyone has tried to capture in words. But the Trinacria it doesn't get captured so easily: from Trapani to Ragusa and then up to Messina, the island is a magical triangle in which meanings mix or disappear.

All that remains is to abandon yourself to the Mediterranean warmth that feeds the prickly pears. Yellow pulp, white pulp or red pulp? The best remain the "bastardoni".

Sicily is mestizo, hybrid, contaminated. It draws strength and charm from all the crossings that have marked it over the centuries. The island is one and many, it is wild and noble, it is beach and temple; it is Greek, Arab, Norman and much more; it is volcanic fire and sea.

In this land suspended between history, myth and tradition, you learn all over again the colors and flavors you thought you knew.


What color are you?

Kandinsky said: “Orange is like a man sure of his strength, which gives an idea of health”.

This tint gives optimism and spontaneity, allows you to express yourself without embarrassment and with sincerity.

It is the color of the Sicilian citrus fruit par excellence, orange. Like the fruit, it contains the essence of the Mediterranean: aromatic nature kissed by the sun and rich baroque cities.