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Sweet Venice

Storie di Mori, amori e buranelli
Stories of Moors, amours and epicures

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Texts: Alessandra Dammone
Photo: Colin Dutton
Translation: Richard Sadleir
Language: bilingual Italian-English
Format: hard cover, 17x24cm, 192 pages
ISBN: 9788899180478

** In US available on Sunset&Venice

The pastry shop in Veneto it is a complex issue. If at first glance it may seem little represented, on closer inspection it shows ancient roots and holds incredible wonders.
Tiramisù, pandori, bussolai buranelli, zaleti, San Martino biscuits, fave dei morti, fritole and galani. A simple pastry. Made of few raw materials, but really good. Sometimes a bit rustic. Completely devoid of superstructures. Just like people. Concrete. Punctual. And straight to the heart.

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