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Photo: Stefano Amantini, Massimo Borchi, Captureworx, Matteo Carassale, Guido Cozzi, Luca Da Ros, Colin Dutton, Lee Frost, Maurizio Rellini, Massimo Ripani
Language: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Hard cover, 7x20cm, 12 bookmarks
ISBN: 978-88-99180-96-6

This bookmark set includes 12 unique images of Tuscany which represent the best example of contemporary Italian travel photography.
The set offers you 12 detachable bookmarks, printed on premium quality thick white paper.
Remove them carefully and carry the memory of your travels in Tuscany with you all year round.

Dante Alighieri, Arezzo • Val d'Orcia • Via Fillungo, Lucca • Michelangelo's David • Maremma • San Quirico d'Orcia • The White Beaches, Livorno • Podere Belvedere, Val d'Orcia • Cupolone, Florence • Olives • Duomo, Siena • Horse trail, Chianti