Tutti frutti: the best book of the year is coming!

Dear reader, dear reader,

we are happy to tell you that the best book of the year will be available sooner than expected! 

The new one will already arrive in mid-September "Tutti Frutti. Techniques and recipes for jams, marmalades, compotes, jellies and artisan candied fruit according to the Italian tradition", a book by Francesca Maggio with photographs by Marco Arduino. 

However, if your mouth is already watering, you can already pre-order your copy - in Italian or English - by clicking on the photo below.


Frances May she is a cooking and pastry teacher, and together with chef Luca Montersino in 2012 she founded the iCook Academy in Chieri (TO). She has collaborated with the best chefs and pastry chefs in the world and this, together with a great deal of passion and motivation, has allowed her to become a point of reference in the world of confectionery

In Tutti Frutti Francesca tells all the secrets of fruit and many ways to enhance its flavours, colors and scents. The book presents 80 recipes through which to rediscover the traditions of the best Italian home cooking, made of genuine ingredients, natural cooking and conservation methods. 

Tutti Frutti it's a good book all year round, because the fruit used in the recipes is always Italian and in season. Now, for example, it's time for figs: how can you not be tempted by this delicious jam?


Get ready to find the products, gestures and simplicity of the rich Italian culinary tradition in your home. 

Delicious reading!

The editorial staff of SIME BOOKS 

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