Discover the protagonists of the Puppet Opera with Alfredo Mauceri: adventures, heroes and magic in “Sicilian Puppets”

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magical world of Puppet Opera? With Alfredo Mauceri's new book, "Sicilian Puppets: Deeds and Loves of Knights, Ladies and Enchanters" , you will experience epic adventures, meet legendary heroes and discover fascinating secrets!

In ancient times, the world of the Puppets saw a clear distinction between good and bad: the Christians were the heroes, while the Saracens were the antagonists. But today, the story is much more nuanced and interesting. You will be surprised to discover how the Saracens, with their sumptuous clothes and their complex stories, add a touch of glamor to these epic narratives.

In the book, Alfredo Mauceri will guide you through an extraordinary journey, revealing unforgettable characters. The serene faces of the Christians, symbols of nobility, contrast with the severe expressions of the Saracens, creating a mix of charm and mystery. You'll find that even great heroes like Orlando have their moments of darkness, making their stories even more compelling.

But that's not all: "Pupi Siciliani" will show you how loyalty and disloyalty are the true central themes, with characters like Gano di Magonza who, despite being Christian, embodies true wickedness. With over 1876 characters in the Cycle of the Paladins of France, each page of the book will give you a new emotion, a new character to love or hate.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore this fascinating universe! With the book “Pupi Siciliani: Deeds and Loves of Knights, Ladies and Enchanters” , an unparalleled adventure awaits you. Discover why the Puppet Opera continues to enchant generations and let yourself be transported by its epic and timeless stories.

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and begin your journey among valiant knights, enchanted ladies and magical enchanters. “Pupi Siciliani” is the book you were waiting for!

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