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Baja California

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Author: Paulina Godoy, Carlos Aguilera
Translator: Sara DeGonia
Illustrations: Monica Parussolo
Photographers: Carlos Aquilera, Pietro Canali, Fridmar Damm, Olimpio Fantuz, Andrea Franceschetti, Angelo Giampiccolo, Paulina Gody, H. P. Huber, Roberto Rinaldi, Natalino Russo, Giovanni Simeone

LanguageBilingual Spanish and English
Cover: Soft cover with elastic closure
Format: 10,5x18,5 cm, 144 pages - 34 photos, 100 gms, FSC certified paper, acid free (pH Neutral)
ISBN 9788899180690

If you have an inexhaustible desire for discovery and adventure, the peninsula of Lower California it's for you because it looks like you: it never stops! This strip of land between Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California it is subject to a perpetual movement that every year makes it move 5 centimeters to the northwest.

And Tijuana a Los Cabos passing through Peace, this partly still unexplored peninsula is a hymn to biodiversity and the grandeur of nature.

Dance with the ocean waves following the example of dolphins and pelicans; learn patience from long-lived giant desert cacti; develops tenacity together with the turtles that always find their way to the sea from the beach.

Moving among infinite skies, endless deserts and deep oceans teeming with life can make you forget your borders; you let yourself go.

The immense spaces open ask big questions: what will you answer?

What color are you?

Apricot orange is contagious light and tranquility. It is a color that comes from the earth and evokes the warmth of this sunny land caressed by the ocean.

This color denotes a strong personality and a well-defined identity, just like Baja California: a unique land, rich, generous and stingy at the same time. Apricot orange symbolizes the need to understand and respect one's principles even when lovingly opening oneself to others.