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Photo: Simon Anstey, Luca Benini, Francesco Carovillano, Ron Koeberer, Susanne Kremer, Maurizio Rellini
Language: English
Format: Hard cover, 7x20cm, 12 bookmarks
ISBN: 978-88-31403-13-9

This set includes 12 bookmarks in which famous phrases and exclusive images come together to celebrate the majesty of the California. Detach them with care and always carry the memory of your travels with you.

Joshua Tree National Park • Sequoia National Park • Point Lobos • Joshua Tree National Park • Mobius Arch, Sierra Nevada • Mojave Desert • Monterey Peninsula, Carmel • Death Valley • Yosemite National Park, Glacier Point • Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve • Zabriskie Point • Half Dome