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Cocktails in Sicily

Manual of contemporary island mixology

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(arrival date February 2024)

Author: Alessandra Dammone
Photo: Alessandro Saffo and Nino Bartuccio
Illustrations: Corinne Zanette
Translator: Carlo Irek

Cover: leather cover
Format: 12.5x17.5cm
Pages: 368 pages

Cocktails in Sicily
Manual of contemporary island mixology
Italian language
ISBN 9788831403320 

Sicilian Cocktails
Contemporary Island Mixology
English language
ISBN 9788831403337

Welcome to a sensory journey through the art of mixology in wonderful Sicily. "Cocktails in Sicily" is a fascinating snapshot of the state of the art of mixology in this land rich in history, culture and intense flavors.

Sicily, famous for its extraordinary cuisine, now has a manual dedicated to exploring and celebrating its unique cocktails. From Palermo to Catania, from Trapani to Syracuse, this book is an invitation to discover the drinks that reflect the vibrant soul of the island.

Our manual offers not only detailed recipes , but also a deep dive into the culture and stories behind each cocktail . From renowned classics to innovative creations, each page tells a story of tradition and creativity.

"Cocktails in Sicily" is more than a simple recipe manual; it is an invitation to explore the gustatory heritage of one of the most fascinating regions of Italy. Share with us the taste of Sicily that manifests itself in every sip and let yourself be inspired to create extraordinary emotions in a glass.

Raise your glasses and let's toast to an unforgettable journey through the contemporary mixology of Sicily!

The author:
Alessandra Dammone: editor and mother, but in reverse order of importance. Sicilian by birth and in every fiber. She spends her life writing, studying and baking, convinced that this is the way to save the world.