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Treviso 101

Le Meraviglie della Marca
101 Ways to discover Treviso

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Texts: Alessandro Zaltron
Photo: Arcangelo Piai, Guido Baviera, Franco Cogoli, Beppe Dall'Arche, Colin Dutton, Olimpio Fantuz, Francesco Galifi, Cesare Gerolimetto, Luca Gusso, Johanna Huber, Aldo Pavan, Sandra Raccanello, Stefano Renier, Giovanni Simeone, Joe Murador, Nicolò Miana
Translation: Paola Gandrus, Richard Sadleir
Language: bilingual Italian-English
Format: soft cover, 16x21 cm, 240 pages
ISBN: 9788895218144

We always fall in love with a random gesture. The least premeditated, the most awkward.
We fall in love with atmospheres, with fulfilled expectations, with doubts fueled to make at least the epilogue uncertain.
We fall in love with the strand curled absently with the finger, the irregular walk, that scarf so old-fashioned as to arouse tenderness. We talk about details, about little things: the only ones capable of breaking through the heart.

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