551 Madison Avenue New York at ArtVerona Fiera d'Arte 2021

Great compliments to the author Alberto Damian | a gallery without walls | albertodamian.com 👌
Preview of the new volume 551 Madison Avenue New York at
16th edition of ArtVerona Fiera d'Arte - 15 - 17 ottobre 2021 - alberto damian | a gallery without walls (PAD. 12 - Stand G8).
"The photographs in this book were taken in New York between 12:44 and 12:59 on September 28, 2017, on the sidewalk of 551 Madison Avenue. I photographed almost all the people who, in those 15 minutes, passed by quickly between me - standing half a meter from the curb - and the building, except for the ones I passed while changing the camera battery. The book collects practically all the shots taken, in their original chronological sequence. "
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