The story of a Photo Agency that becomes a publishing house

SIME Books is a publishing house specialized in editorial products for the travel and tourismcookery, and children's sectors. Our books, guides and multimedia are all designed to dazzle the reader with the beauty of Italy’s landscape and culture.

The Simebooks concept was the brainchild of photographer Giovanni Simeone, the founder of the Simephoto Agency, a photo library dedicated to quality travel stock photography. Our crisply edited, exclusive collection of travel images contains landscape, cityscape, food & drink, lifestyle and nature photography. Multilingual or translated content editions.

For more information about our work, any of our photographers, special uses, a custom image search, or a specific picture for your project, please visit our website



Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Prosecco  & Spriz  - 3rd Best in the world nella prestigiosa categoria Cocktails (W2-5)
L'Arancia Siciliana - 3rd Best in the world nella categoria Fruits ( E11)

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Los Angeles Cocktails national winner for Italy in category Drink

Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Awards)

My First trip to Paris - Medaglia d'argento
Libri in Cantina
Special mention at My Mini Toscana for the choice of paper, illustrations and coherence of the cromatic line and style

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Sweet Venice - 1st place shortlist in the category Pastry
Polpo e Spada - 1st place shortlist in the category Fish
Balsamico - 1st place shortlist in the category Single Subjec 
PubWest Book Design Awards
Not Food for Old Men - Bronze metal

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Not food for old men. Baja California - 1st place shortlist in the category Latin America published outside LA
Calabria in Cucina - 1st place shortlist in the category Woman Chef  
IndieFab Book of the Year
My First Trip to New York
Libri in Cantina
Il mio primo viaggio a New York - winner of the 5th contest "In castello il libro più bello" 

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Sweet Sicily- 1st place in Best the World in the category Pastry&Sweets
Toscana in Cucina - 1st place in Best the World in the category Printer


Alberta Magris
Alessandra Dammone
Alessandro Saffo
Alessandro Zaltron
Alfredo Mauceri
Anabelle Rossell
Andrea Richards
Angela Arnone
Antonino Bartuccio
Barbara Santoro
Camilla Pintonato
Carla Magrelli
Carlo Irek

Chris Turner
Cinzia Armanini
Colin Dutton
Deborah Davies
Domenico Ottaviano
Enzo Lo Verso
Franco Palandra
Gabriele Croppi
Giovanni Ruello
Giovanni Simeone
Giulia Masia
Gloria Midolini
Guido Cozzi

Laura Giusti
Leif Blanc
Lisa Sciortino
Louis-Laurent Grandadam
Lucia Araldi
Luisa Bertolo
Luisa Taliento
Maria Cristina Castellucci
Massimo Borchi
Massimo Ripani
Maurizio Rellini
Monica Parussolo
Paola Baccetti

Paola Gandrus
Paola Pignatelli
Richard Sadleir
Sara DeGonia
Simona Milanese
Stefano Amantini
Stefano Scatà
Stefano Torrione
Susy Mezzanotte
Valentina Oliveri
Valeria De Paoli
William Dello Russo
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