Series of online presentations AEV - Master IULM Milan - DGLine

Cycle of online presentations AEV - Master IULM Milan - DGLine
TRAVEL AND TRAVELERS meetings, discoveries, itineraries

from Monday 28 June to Sunday 4 July

Tuesday 29 June, 6.00 pm

Title: 551 Madison Avenue New York
Author: Alberto Damian
Year: 2020
Publishing house: Simebooks
Genre: Photography
A photographic journey to discover faces, people and people. Through his lens, the photographer seems to want
discover an exact coordinate as an observation point; watch and film people passing by, from one place,
a single fraction of time, look without being looked at. What the photographer proposes, therefore, is a sort
of "theft": defenseless exposure and without the possibility of posing by those who pass.
The photographs collected in this book were taken in New York between 12:44 and 12:59 on September 28th
2017, on the sidewalk of 551 Madison Avenue. Almost all the people who, in those 15 minutes,
have passed. The book collects all the shots taken, in their original chronological sequence.

The author
Alberto Damian lives and works in Treviso. He mainly shoots in black and white and with film (he still has one
camera obscura perfectly operational), but his first book was shot, for a particular series of events, a
colors and digital. Gallery owner of some important photographers, he represents in Italy the most controversial paparazzo of the
history of photography, the American Ron Galella, and collaborates with Letizia Battaglia, the most important and well-known
Italian photographer.
participate in the meeting: Alberto Damian

Title: My Mini Veneto & Venice
Subtitle: Discovering the land of gondolas, large villas and carnival
Author: William Dello Russo
Illustrator: Monica Parussolo
Year: 2019
Publishing house: Simebooks
Genre: Children and boys
A book for children and teenagers, an adventurous journey from Venice to Verona, from Padua to the Dolomites, through
fortified cities and labyrinths, ancient astronomical clocks, nature excursions, goblins and mysteries, crackling parties.
Multiple itineraries in a region where some of the greatest masterpieces of world art are preserved.
My mini Veneto & Venezia is an illustrated book designed for a school age reader. Both for families visiting the
region and for residents who wish to know and appreciate their territory, especially in this period
of proximity tourism.
And again: the town of Sarmede, known as the town of fairy tales, home to the international school of illustration since 1988
founded by Stepan Zavrel; Asiago with the village of gnomes; Treviso with the park of talking trees;
Alleghe and the adventure park. And the Mazariol? Where does she live? The magical elf of the Dolomites but that when he feels like it
it can reach the sea ... these are some of the curiosities that little travelers and their families can
find out by traveling with this book.

The authors
Monica Parussolo she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and then specialized in the field in Bologna
of comics and illustration. She came into contact with artists such as Octavia Monaco, Svetlan Junakovic and Alessandra
Cimatoribus at the Sarmede International School. He has participated in several courses of the School of Making,
Cultural association coordinated by Elia Zardo, Andersen Prize 2016 as the protagonist of Culture for children.
Since 2010 he has collaborated with several publishing houses with his illutrations for children and adults.
William Dello Russo worked for years at the Italian Touring Club, where he created tourist guides on
major Italian cities and regions, and at Mondadori Electa where he edited art books, exhibition catalogs and publications
for the main Italian museums and archaeological sites.
participate in the meeting: Monica Parussolo

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