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Hamburg, the pearl on the banks of the Elbe, enchants with its maritime history, majestic architecture and lively cultural scene. A city where the past merges with the present, offering a unique experience between tradition and modernity.

Here are some curiosities about Hamburg!

1. Elbphilharmonie
The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg is an award-winning masterpiece: from an architectural, musical and financial point of view it arouses great interest.

The façade of the “Elphi”, as it is called in Hamburg, consists of around 1,100 acoustically optimized glass windows, which contribute to its fascinating undulating appearance, which reflects the surrounding water. 

Today it has become an iconic element in the port and city skyline, which has certainly left a significant imprint on the German and international cultural scene.

2. Street art
The coolest works of art in the center of Hamburg can be found outdoors, completely free and without having to wait in long queues. In the neighborhoods of Karo, Schanzen and Gängeviertel, in St. Pauli, as well as in Altona and Ottensen, street art is very present. 

In some areas, entire streets have been transformed into open-air galleries, which are not only a colorful addition to the city, but a form of artistic expression that reflects the creative and diverse soul of the community.

3. St. Pauli und die roten Lichter
St. Pauli, despite its sacred name, has a colorful history. In the 17th century, it became a well-known entertainment district along the Reeperbahn, entertaining sailors from all over the world. Known as the “Kiez”, it is home to a fascinating mix of scene temples, clubs, theaters and restaurants. Among the attractions is the Indra-Club, where the Beatles began their career. The “Große Freiheit” attracts tourists, while the Herbertstraße features brothels with women offering behind bright shop windows. 

St. Pauli is also famous for its football club FC St. Pauli, known for its social commitment and diverse fan base. 

The area continues to be an eclectic and vibrant expression of culture and history.

4. Docklands
The Dockland, a suggestive parallelogram-shaped office complex in Altona, stands out for its aesthetic and functional eccentricity. 

Created in the likeness of a ship, it offers spectacular views of the Elbe from its 40 meter buggy, giving the sensation of being on a luxury ocean liner.
The innovative structure extends beyond the exterior, with elevators that move diagonally following the lines of the structure. 

This building is not just a workspace; Architecture lovers and visitors can climb the 136 steps to a public viewing platform to enjoy further spectacular views of the city and river.

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