Exploring Los Angeles: (your) city of angels journal

The City of Angels is a fascinating mix of culture, history and peculiarities that go far beyond its cinematic fame. Ready to discover something new?

Here are some curiosities about Los Angeles that you definitely don't expect!

1. Chicken Boy
The history of the Chicken Boy statue dates back to the 1960s, when the original owner of the Chicken Boy Fried Chicken restaurant purchased a custom "Muffler Man" statue from the International Fiberglass Company of Venice, modified his arms to hold a large bucket instead of a 'axe, and then hired an artist to draw the chicken head that would become history. It is now considered the Statue of Liberty of Northeast Los Angeles.

2. Walk of Fame
The Hollywood Walk of Fame, along Hollywood Boulevard, is a spectacular showcase of more than 2,500 brass stars on pink terraces. Each engraved star represents an entertainment icon, creating a stunning runway of fame that spans cinematic and musical history, attracting visitors from around the world. A luminous icon celebrating Hollywood glamor in fifteen extraordinary city blocks.

3. Urban Light
Chris Burden's "Urban Light" (2008), an iconic installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), quickly captured the hearts and collective imagination of the city, emerging as the new symbol of Los Angeles. This fascinating work of art consists of 202 decorative lamps from different eras and from different parts of the world.

Located at LACMA's main entrance, "Urban Light" captures visitors' attention with its majestic presence and enveloping light. The lamps, originally conceived as functional elements in the streets of distant cities, have been transformed into a dynamic and evocative artistic structure. Illuminating the Los Angeles night with a warm glow, the installation offers a unique visual spectacle that transforms the surrounding area into a place of beauty and contemplation.

In addition to its unrivaled aesthetic, “Urban Light” becomes a meeting point for locals and tourists, a place where people gather to take photographs, explore Burden's creativity and experience the unique atmosphere that the work evokes. This installation is not only an artistic attraction, but also an integral element of the urban fabric of Los Angeles, embodying its diversity and brilliant artistic vitality. “Urban Light” is a luminous ode to the creativity of Los Angeles, blending harmoniously with the city's cultural landscape, becoming a symbol of rebirth and enlightenment for all who pass through it.

4. Graffiti
In Los Angeles, graffiti art is a ubiquitous form of urban expression. Colette Miller's iconic Angel Wings decorate the town, offering residents and visitors the chance to temporarily become angels. Judi Baca's Great Wall, one of the world's largest murals, tells stories and reflects the city's multicultural soul. The works of Twitchell, a well-known local artist, complete the panorama, transforming the streets into an open-air art gallery. Los Angeles breathes art through its graffiti, transforming every corner into a living canvas of urban creativity.

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