Exploring Milan: (your) journal of metropolitan life between design and urban style.

Entering the beating heart of Milan is a real journey, where history, culture, art and innovation come together in a vibrant mix.

From the elegance of fashion to artistic majesty, from culinary tradition to modern architecture, you are immersed in the many facets that make this city a point of reference throughout the world.

Here are some curiosities of Milan designed for you!

1. Vertical Forest

The Vertical Forest is an iconic architectural creation in Milan, located in the Porta Nuova district. Designed by architect Stefano Boeri, this innovative residential complex is known for its unique structure characterized by lush green towers.

Awarded in 2015 as the most beautiful and innovative skyscraper in the world and as an "excellent example of the revitalization of an urban center", it has become one of the best-known symbols of Milan's bold and innovative spirit.

2. Milan Cathedral
Renzo, having climbed one of those passes onto the highest ground, saw that great machine of the Cathedral alone on the plain, as if it were not in the middle of a city but rising in a desert; and he stopped on the spot, forgetting all his troubles, to contemplate even from afar that eighth wonder he had heard so much about since he was a child.
(Alessandro Manzoni, The Betrothed)

3. Navigli
In 1179, following the destruction caused by Barbarossa, the Ticinello was created, later called Naviglio Grande, the first of the famous Milanese canals.  This network of canals, in addition to serving irrigation and transportation purposes, has shaped a fascinating neighborhood with a rich history. Along the banks of the Naviglio Grande, in via Ripa di Porta Ticinese at number 47, Alda Merini spent most of her life. His poetry reflects the soul of Milan, with verses that capture the essence of the city: “...Milan of swirling thoughts where a thousand joys die crying on the Naviglio.”

Today, the Navigli keep the history and soul of the city alive, offering an evocative setting to explore its poetic and cultural heritage.

You can discover many other curiosities dedicated to Milan in our new Journal "Milano"!

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