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Traveling through the warm and welcoming Apulian territory, one cannot fail to be fascinated by its splendid sea, by the centuries-old olive trees surrounded by dry-stone walls, by the cherry and almond trees, by the trulli, by the churches, by the ancient villages, by the scents and flavors Mediterranean. 

The book "Puglia in the kitchen", with its gallery of extraordinary color photographs, is a way to tell and disseminate the cuisine, oil, wheat and wine of Puglia, but also its sea, its culture, its art and its history.

In addition to being a rich recipe book with 80 succulent recipes from the Apulian gastronomic tradition, in Italian and English, this book is a true photographic documentary on Puglia through the lens of photographer Colin Dutton and other professional photographers.  

For the recipes, the author William Dello Russo made use of important Apulian chefs: Peppe Zullo, from Orsara di Puglia, and Pietro Zito, from Andria, who created  typical  traditional dishes by combining  simple but excellent ingredients with the flavors of the sea and those of the earth and to accompany each dish an excellent regional wine is recommended.

In the appendix to the book there is a very useful reasoned guide to the best Apulian labels as well as trattorias, restaurants and farms and there is also a section with a glossary with the translation of some dialectal terms used in the recipes.

In addition to having practiced reading in English, I have already tried, and will soon post, some of the very inviting and well-explained recipes in the book, and I have already tasted some of the wines recommended by Nicola Campanile (, which I the pleasure of knowing personally.>>

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