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All works: Nicoletta Deva Tortone
Photographic reproduction of the works: Flavio Tiengo
Texts: Giulia Marchi, Giulia Capotorto, Nicoletta Deva Tortone
Italian language
Format: Hard cover, 25x25 cm, 128 pages
Limited edition: 100 copies
ISBN 97888314032144

Nicoletta's practice is an alchemical practice. A bodily doing, a discipline of action, a divinatory doctrine in search of the self. The artist moves like a haruspex and examines the bowels of his work; films and images sacrificed in search of the "templum", of the sacred space towards which he projects his personal celestial vault.

His work speaks of the essence of the body and its language, talks about the chemistry of photography, memory, denial, death and transformation. Use photography as a possibility of dialogue by making eros and thanathos, sacred and profane interact (...)

The artist contaminates, deconstructs : collages, lacerations of the support, threads, metal staples, manual colorings are grafted onto the photographic films and invade the printed paper. His images are investigated bodies, they are "tabulae anatomicae" to be studied with meticulous attention, autopsies to be read and re-read in search of a possible remedy to the chaos. The undisputed protagonist bodies are revealed to then be disowned, tortured and finally sanitized; you imagine a connective tissue made of memories to heal and wounds to heal. A construction/deconstruction process where the lovely remains saved from the fragmentary but original images provide a scaffolding for the work, support and immobilize the gaze. Here are his Red threads become sutures, a medical, curative element designed to give us back a regenerated physical body that has finally become aware of itself and its own complicated existence. The image becomes a simulacrum; the bodies can eventually be brought back to life.

(Giulia Marchi | February 2023)

Rise From Black

Photographs: Paola Vivezio
Texts: Paola Vivenzio, Valerio Bispuri
Italian language
Format: Hard cover, 30x23 cm, 144 pages
Limited edition: 100 copies
ISBN 9788899180744

Rise from Black born as declaration of fragility , as the possibility of an encounter aimed at understanding the docile fiber of the human and at the same time as a cure for unheard and hidden cries for help. The blurs of Paola Vivenzio's photographs they seem to descend the stairs of a tormented human existence, but they always allow a glimpse of a vital horizon.

His book is a pearl of the soul that it helps us reflect on what we are inside and outside the reality we live , made up of shots and fears, black and an explosive light that never stops beating.


Photographs: Barbara Pigazzi
Introductory text: Angela Madesani
Italian language
Format: Hard cover, 18x21 cm, 136 pages
Limited edition: 100 copies
ISBN 9788899180744

And the nostalgia the prevailing sentiment of Anima . Nostalgia for the eternal, but also for what we are seeing now, which is somehow already far from our gaze. I am images set in the Venetian lagoon , the place that represents the artist's identity, where she found herself after being lost in the difficult moment of solitude of 2020-2021. It is the place of his childhood, where he went, at low tide, together with his father Alfonso, to fish for shellfish. The father, who is still fishing, is the protagonist of some of his images, always from behind, they are not portraits, if not of atmospheres. Despite the presence of water, it would be wrong to think of those sandy expanses, the salt marshes, as a place by the sea. Here the water is stagnant, still. There are no flowing, wavy movements. For her, they are the places of waiting, where she gathered with the sun, the rain, in winter, in summer, to wait for the image that came to her from time to time as a gift. None of them is stolen, casual, immediate, each one is thought out, meditated on, searched for.

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