"Homage to Florence", the photos of Massimo Borchi and Guido Cozzi at the Libraccio bookshop in Florence

From 1 December 2021 until 6 January 2022, the Libraccio bookshop in Florence (Via de 'Cerretani 16R) will host the exhibition "Tribute to Florence" with 24 photographs taken from the homonymous book by Massimo Borchi and Guido Cozzi published by Simebooks e Tethys Gallery, with the preface by Valerio Aiolli.

The book presents a careful selection of photographs taken by the authors over thirty years of activity and are accompanied by fragments of literature and phrases that great travelers of the past, intellectuals, artists, writers have dedicated to a city that has remained theirs for better or for worse in the heart.

"It was not easy to find unprecedented angles in a city that has been there for all to see for centuries. The photographs - in dialogue with the remnants of Dante, Leopardi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ruskin, Tabucchi and many others - form a mottled and powerful picture, which makes this book an anti-rhetorical and full of beauty homage to Florence. Allowing me too, for once, to look at her with wide eyes as if I didn't know heri." Valerio Aiolli

Source: https://portalegiovani.comune.fi.it/urlnews/webzine/41292.html

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