Bearers of Clouds - Dolomiti Arte Immagine - San Vito di Cadore - Giant exhibition of Olimpio Fantuz on storm Vaia until 08/25/2019

Why organize a festival with books, artists and publishers in San Vito di Cadore? Why struggle to promote culture, art and reading in a border area?
Why go against the current that pushes humanity downwards, where shared values, community, resources, creativity are too often challenged if not
even mocked?

Perhaps because being in the midst of art, literature, creativity makes us feel young, makes us feel together, makes us a little freer and a little stronger. Because we can struggle, but in the balance of the price to pay, we feel intimately that it is worth it and the
the cost of a book, a drawing, a piece of music is always too low. Because the community is united, because people who do not know each other and who come from different places can
tell stories and share memories, eliminating the differences of age and culture.
Because leaving your homes and finding yourself in the square makes us rediscover the pleasure of sociability that makes us alive. Because each place has a history and its own identity to express. And therefore also our territory, where the folds of the earth have become so impressive that they have
created majestic cathedrals, it has a unique character made up of fatigue, loneliness, silence, dense gazes, weighted words, hands marked like the trunks of plants that climb the mountain sides. A
strong character where the wisdom of words and the curiosity of images can meet and create a shared story.

Publishers present:
1 Ellin Selae; 2 Silele Edizioni; 3 Editions Il Ciliegio; 4 Kellermann Publisher; 5 Itinera Progetti; 6 Saecula Editions; 7 Free Arpeggio
8 Zanotto Eurocrom4; 9 Aurelia Editions; 10 Keltia Editrice; 11 Cierre Editions; 12 Edicycle Editions; 13 Sime Books; 14 Helvetia Editions; 15 Colophon Art

FRIDAY 02/08/19
Inauguration of Cloud Bearers Piazza, pedestrian area

> VAIA: 190Km / h Gigantografie after the storm Vaia, by Olimpio Fantuz, edited by SimeBooks, UNTIL 25/08
> TREES, Tales in images Watercolors by Maria Rita Faganello
Photographs by Massimiliano Modolo
Asilo Vecio exhibition hall - inauguration at 5.30 pm

> Chiara Gamberale Libro: "The island of abandonment"
Attic Asilo Vecio - 6.30 pm
SATURDAY 03/08/19
"The stands of God Thor" presentation of the book by Enrico De Lotto
with Maurizio De Lotto
edited by Kellermann Editore
Piazza, pedestrian area 4.30 pm in case of bad weather Multifunctional hall
> Workshop: let's color the Dolomites with Susanna Da Cortà
edited by Kellermann Editore.
Piazza, pedestrian area - 5.30 pm
in case of bad weather in the Galleria, pedestrian area.
> Giannandrea Mencini - “Living on a slope. Life choices that change the Belluno mountains ”Pedestrian area 6.30 pm in case of bad weather Attic Asilo Vecio
> Final evening Dolomiti Blues & Soul festival admission € 10.00
Multifunctional Hall
9.00 pm
22, 30
SUNDAY 04/08/19
> Round Table “The Cadore I would like” Words and practices for a territory with Elisabetta Tiveron and Federico Zappini by Helvetia Editrice. Participants: Gildo Trevisan, President of the Cadore Dolomiti Consortium; Franco De Bon, Mayor of San Vito di Cadore - Multifunctional Hall - 11.30 am
> Wally Dall’Asta Book: "The hill of the crescent"
Piazza, pedestrian area at 17.00 - in case of bad weather
in the multifunctional hall
> Alessandro Toso - Book: "The girl from the Central Bar"
Piazza, pedestrian area 6.30 pm - in case of bad weather Multifunctional hall

> FRIDAY 09/08/19
TREES I sing for men, leaves and roots
concert and theater with Vasco Mirandola,
Erica Boschiero and Enrico Milani - Mosigo Lake - 9.00 pm
in case of bad weather in the multifunctional hall

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