The exhibition on Ron Galella, the king of the paparazzi, has been extended to March 5

Press release

At the Sarcinelli of Conegliano,
Ron Galella, the Paparazzo Superstar
conquer the audience
Exhibition extended to March 5th .

The Italian premiere of Ron Galella , the superstar paparazzo, captivated the public, which showed great interest in a photographer who, due to his resourcefulness, indeed boldness, has become a legend. An artist willing to do anything to capture what the protagonists of the American jet set, from Marlon Brando to Jackie Kennedy , wanted to hide or keep private.

His images, which give us the flavor of an era, will continue to be exhibited in Palazzo Sarcinelli , in Conegliano, until next March 5th .

This was decided by the curator Alberto Damian together with SIME BOOKS , the company organizing the exhibition-event and the Municipality of Conegliano.

The closing of the exhibition was scheduled for January 29th.

“It is an unmissable exhibition which, in the days of selfies and Instagram, takes us back to a time that no longer exists, in which stars entered our homes above all through the pages of fashion weeklies and tabloids, record covers, movie posters and flyers. This happened also thanks to the paparazzi and, in particular, to Ron, who with his photographs allowed us to see the stars more closely”, says the curator.

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Ron Galella, Paparazzo Superstar
Conegliano (TV), Palazzo Sarcinelli
Extended to March 5, 2023

Edited by Alberto Damian
Exhibition produced and organized by SIME BOOKS
In collaboration with the City of Conegliano (TV)

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Studio ESSECI, Sergio Campagnolo tel 049.663499
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Ron Galella Paparazzo Superstar extension March 5th

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