SimeBooks in Portoimmaginario 2021 - 5-6 June 2021

Portoimmaginario 2021

In the frame of the event Festival of literature for children and young people, first edition, in Portogruaro we recommend the presentation of the illustrated book for children My Mini Veneto & Venice by the nice illustrator Monica Parussolo. Access is by reservation on Saturday 5/06 at 9.30-10.15 at the Bishop's Palace, at the end of the presentation the illustrator will stop for the firmcopie.

My Mini Veneto e Venezia - Monica Parussolo

In Piazza della Repubblica in Portogruaro we will be present on Saturday and Sunday with many of the books in the catalog and also the brand new PersonalJo Inspirational Photo Journals - innovative notebook guides for your ideas, emotions and discover something more.

We are waiting for you :-)


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