Baja California
Baja California
Baja California
Baja California

Baja California

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Author: Paulina Godoy, Carlos Aguilera
Translator: Sara DeGonia
Illustrations: Monica Parussolo
Photographers: Carlos Aquilera, Pietro Canali, Fridmar Damm, Olimpio Fantuz, Andrea Franceschetti, Angelo Giampiccolo, Paulina Gody, H. P. Huber, Roberto Rinaldi, Natalino Russo, Giovanni Simeone

TongueBilingual Spanish and English
Cover: Soft cover with elastic closure
Format: 10,5x18,5 cm, 144 pages, 100 gms, FSC certified paper, acid free (pH Neutral)
ISBN 978-88-99180-69-0

A compact and handy notebook, perfect for giving a preview of an adventurous and still partly unexplored territory.

The eye is immediately struck by the warm and lively color of the cover, which projects us into a multi-sensorial experience, making us almost perceive the torrid temperatures of the sunny spaces of the Baja California. The small stylized cactus at the bottom of the cover accompanies us on this journey.
Psychology explains that this color - Apricot Orange - is connected to a constantly changing vital energy. And which territory more than this stimulates adventure and the desire to move to discover something new? Even the soil itself is not immobile, in fact the Baja California peninsula is subject to a perpetual movement that every year makes it move five centimeters to the northwest!
One of the first pages map of the entire region it helps to get a better idea of this strip of land, which stretches out alone between the Pacific Ocean and the Mexican state, thus maintaining its own precise identity.



The main feature of this territory is represented by the liveliness and variety of nature that we find immortalized in the pages of this notebook, with images of great impact, whether they come from the depths of the ocean or from the endless deserts.
When you are so intensely immersed in nature you are invested by a constant feeling of wonder and many curiosities: the rich descriptions and anecdotes told between the pages will largely satisfy your questions and your interests.

This notebook it allows you to have a memory of your excursions, but it is also an inspiration to organize new trips and to add, alongside images and writings, your impressions of these incredible landscapes.



Who chooses this color is a reassuring person, who transmits a contagious sense of tranquility. Evoking an autumn or summer atmosphere, orange is the visual manifestation of the sun that brings light to objects, landscapes and people. It represents the warm light par excellence.

This shade of orange comes directly from the earth and it is no coincidence that the Impressionist painters used it precisely to represent the countryside warmed by the warm rays. So this nuance, chosen for the cover of the notebook dedicated to Baja California, immediately communicates the sensations you will find in these pages without having browsed them yet. The color simply evokes the temperature of the vast expanses of sun.

To better define this variety of orange, it was decided to assimilate it to the color of apricot, also for an evident similarity in the meaning and symbolism that this fruit carries with it. The name derives from the Latin praecoquus, which means precocious. Apricot trees, unlike other plants, in fact begin to bear their first fruits as early as the second year of life; for this the fruit was considered a delicacy by the Romans. The softness to which this color refers makes it the preferred shade in environments where light colors and wooden furniture predominate, to 'warm up' the atmosphere and make the rooms more welcoming.
The apricot color is also connected to the metaphor of the hard core: softening and warming towards the outside, remaining solid, centered in oneself. It symbolizes the need to understand and respect one's principles, even when lovingly opening oneself to others.

It is therefore the right color for those with a strong sense of individuality; he is not easily carried away by those around him, on the contrary it is the others who are transported by his solar energy. Whoever feels represented by this color is a person capable of launching fashions, of whatever type they are.

Hint / TIP: Look for your apricot and take its heat and light as a guide: in the meantime, you can start from here, with the right shade of color.

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