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Photographs: Barbara Pigazzi
Introductory text: Angela Madesani
Italian language
Format: Hard cover, 18x21 cm, 136 pages
Limited edition: 100 copies
ISBN 9788899180744

Nostalgia is the prevailing sentiment of Animica . Nostalgia for the eternal, but also for what we are seeing now, which is somehow already far from our gaze. These are images set in the Venetian lagoon , the place that represents the artist's identity, where she found herself after being lost in the difficult moment of solitude of 2020-2021. It is the place of his childhood, where he went, at low tide, together with his father Alfonso, to fish for shellfish. The father, who is still fishing, is the protagonist of some of his images, always from behind, they are not portraits, if not of atmospheres. Despite the presence of water, it would be wrong to think of those sandy expanses, the salt marshes, as a place by the sea. Here the water is stagnant, still. There are no flowing, wavy movements. For her, they are the places of waiting, where she has gathered with the sun, the rain, in winter, in summer, to wait for the image that has come to her from time to time as a gift. None of them is stolen, casual, immediate, each one is thought out, meditated on, searched for.