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Author: Guido Cozzi
Photographer: Guido Cozzi
Translator: Richard Sadleir

Flying above Tuscany - In volo sulla Toscana

“Beautiful things, when viewed from above, are even more beautiful.”
Various books recount Tuscany from the sky: from certain heights, this land looks even more spectacular. But this book adopts a novel viewpoint: a bird’s eye view, high enough to be above the earth’s surface, but not out of touch with the earth, moving in that sphere that belongs to the world of birds. By making use of drones, telescopic carbon fiber poles, remote-control craft, precision gimbals, and whatever else serves to raise him off the ground – helicopters, balloons, gliders, paragliders, ultralight aircraft, biplanes – and climbing towers and chimneys, Guido Cozzi has captured a completely new image of Tuscany. From above, but not too high up. 

Language: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Hardback, 21x24 cm, 192 pages
ISBN 978-88-95218-98-4

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