Calabria, Terra Incognita
Calabria, Terra Incognita
Cover Calabria, Terra Incognita, Simebooks

Calabria, Terra Incognita

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Author: Leif Blanc
Photographer: Alessandro Saffo, Antonino Bartuccio, Giovanni Simeone
Translator: Martyn Back

Calabria is an "unknown land" slowly revealed to my eyes. Italy lives again in the memories of the many travelers who have preceded me, since the Renaissance. Not Calabria, though. Not this strip of land crossed by a chain of mountains, carefully avoided by those first "tourists". Writers, artists, young people from the European aristocracy who, in the past, undertook the Grand Tour embarked in Naples to land directly in Sicily. "Too far away, inaccessible, big, impenetrable".

<< For Ulysses these places were terrible and almost fatal ... for me, instead, they are simply extraordinary. Other than a six-headed monster! >> begins Leif Blanc, and then continues with << Calabria is an "unknown land" slowly revealed to my eyes. >> The text is accompanied by the extraordinary images of the photographers Alessandro Saffo, Antonino Bartuccio and Giovanni Simeone through which we are sure that this land will also give you moments of great emotion and intense pleasure. The volume is divided into 19 chapters that tell the nature and history of this region: the charm of the Costa Viola, the noble Tropea, the renowned Riviera dei Cedri, the perched villages of Aspromonte and the wild highlands of the Parco della Sila, the fortresses on the sea, sign of the passage of great civilizations, without forgetting the enogastronomic treasures like the typical chilli pepper or the onion of Tropea, the religious feasts, here more rooted than ever, and the millenary tradition of fishing with swordfish.

Language: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Softcover, 21x21 cm, 240 pages 

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