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Curtain the seasons

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Texts: Romina Venier
Photographs: Giuseppe Ghedina
Italian language
Format: Sewn book block 10.5x14.6cm
ISBN 9788831403436

A project linked to the printed paper , which, unlike the approach offered by social media, still retains a tactile experience and enjoyment over time that is not limited to scrolling through a feed.

A small book to pass from hand to hand.

An instrument that brings the attention, care and style of the person who donated it, who discreetly signs the back cover and can renew the encounter over time through new editions, stories and contents.

The author Romina Venier is convinced that this project can become an alternative to the viral world of social media where contents are poured on us without, sometimes, the possibility of choosing.

Cortina is told here in the passing of the seasons , the atmospheres become places to visit, the stories of those who have always lived in the valley shake off the dust and become the protagonists of a place known today for the glitter of its festivals but which, without disclosing it, preserves small moments in which it is possible to breathe positively.

“May dreams be little books to pass from hand to hand”
Azeb Lucà Trombetta