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Author: Alberta Magris
Translation: Esther Rosendahl, Carlo Irek
Photography:Anne Maenurm, Francesco Tremolada, Francesco Vaninetti, Gabriele Bano, Giovanni Simeone, Johanna Huber, Luciano Gaudenzio, Manfred Bortoli, Nicola Angeli, Olimpio Fantuz, Sandra Raccanello

Language: trilingual Italian, English and German
Cover: Soft cover with elastic closure
Format: 10,5x18,5 cm, 144 pages - 33 photos, 100 gms, FSC certified paper, acid free (pH Neutral)
ISBN 978-88-99180-77-5

Look at the things of the world as they were ancient rocks made up of layers and layers of stories. Listen to what they have to say – they can connect you to the past and give you a solid foundation for the future.

Fresh mountain air, changeable landscape and magical scenery: this is light and compact Staff Jo is the ideal companion during your excursions. It takes up little space in your backpack but knows how to broaden your horizons, it doesn't weigh you down but it knows how to inspire deep reflections.

Majestic deer and ibex horns alternate with delicate sun-drenched flowers; the profiles of the most beautiful and well-known peaks give way to the lakes in which trees and mountains are reflected in a continuous silent dialogue. The popular stories: it seems that witches usually gather well protected by the fog that caresses the valleys. The legend of King Laurin, however, tells the origin of theenrosadira, the phenomenon whereby the peaks here take on a fabulous reddish color at dawn and dusk.

Dolomite rocks can be austere, but don't be fooled! As soon as the sun's rays peek out from behind the peaks, everything changes in an instant.


What color are you?

In the common imagination, gray is a neutral color, certainly not lively, and therefore tends to go unnoticed. It can almost never be said to be the protagonist.

Yet gray is the color of complexity: it's not wise to see things only as black or white. There is a need for people who are able to grasp the thousand nuances that lie between the most extreme polarizations. In a gray room one remains in contemplation: it is no coincidence that Michel Pastoureau, the most important scholar of the meaning of colours, argues that gray allows greater concentration than all other colours.

Gray is resilience and concreteness, characteristics of rocks and stones. These resist changing together with the surrounding environment and enduring bad weather.