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Liguria in Cucina - The flavors of Liguria

Ricette della tradizione
Traditional recipes

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Author: Enrica Monzani 
Photo: Enrica Monzani
Translation: Carlo Irek, Enrica Monzani 
Language: Italian-English bilingual
Format: Hard Cover, 19.5x23.5 cm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9788831403207
I Edition 2022

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“As always happens in every part of the world, the characteristics of a place, its history, the culture that permeates it and the character of those who live there are manifested on the table. And Liguria, in the kitchen, how is it? IS multiforme, colourful and especially full of contrasts, because Liguria itself is like this: made of high mountain which rapidly descend towards the coast, of big and of bosco, Of Levante and of West, of seafaring and peasant culture but also mercantile and cosmopolitan, shy and reserved yet open to the world.”

This book is an act of love towards flavours, territories and history of Liguria. A journey in which everything holds together: past and present, substance and lightness, simplicity and creativity. Because Enrica Monzani knows well that it is all this - and much more - that Ligurian sailors have missed for centuries during the long periods spent away from home.

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The Author

Enrica Monzani tells stories and recipes of Ligurian cuisine through words and images, holds regional cooking courses and organizes food and wine experiences in Liguria. She is the author of the website "A Small Kitchen in Genoa" (, her digital home, where she offers her services and tells - in Italian and English - her personal journey through the Ligurian culinary tradition and Genoese, a journey to discover the most authentic flavors of his land. Since 2017 she has been offering private Ligurian cooking classes for an international audience in her Genoese kitchen and at private villas. Organize food tours in Genoa and food and wine experiences in Liguria. He also provides consultancy for the planning of tailor-made food and wine trips in Liguria. In 2020 he also started teaching online, holding streaming cooking courses in English and Italian. She collaborates as an expert on Ligurian cuisine with international magazines and television as well as with Italian and local media and companies. Finally, she works with companies and restaurants as a photographer and creator of content related to cooking.