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My Mini Sicily

My Mini Sicily - Discovering the land of myths, ancient temples and volcanoes

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Author: William Dello Russo
Illustrator: Monica Parussolo
Richard Sadleir
Language: Italian and English
Format: Hardcover, 23.5x18.5cm, 32 pages

Editions available:
My Mini Sicilia - Alla scoperta della terra dei miti, degli antichi templi e dei vulcani
ISBN 9788831403047
My Mini Sicily - Discovering the land of myths, ancient temples and volcanoes
ISBN 9788831403054

Did you know that in Sicily they can be climbed volcanoes still active, explore archipelagos, saline with windmills and fragrant gardens of citrus fruits and discover bizarre natural phenomena?

And did you know that some of the greatest masterpieces of thearcheology world? And that i dolls and their adventures were born in Sicily?

Not to mention the kitchen Sicilian... is one of the richest on the planet!

And Palermo a Catania, yes Syracuse all’Etna, yes Stromboli a Pantelleria, a book to browse through to make an adventurous journey between Greek temples and medieval castles, ancient myths and modern legends, nature excursions and dives into the sea, crackling parties and colorful markets.

Getting started • Map of Sicily • Nature • Animals • Palermo • The islands of Sicily • History • Masterpieces of art • Temples, churches and castles • Curiosities and mysterious places • Ancient myths and legends • Illustrious personalities • Experiences and adventures • Let's party! • Everyone at the table!