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My Mini Veneto & Venezia

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Author: William Dello Russo
Illustrator: Monica Parussolo
Richard Sadleir
Language: Italian and English
Format: Rigid cover, 23.5x28.5 cm, 32 pages

Editions available
My mini Veneto & Venice - Discovering the land of gondolas, large villas and carnival
ISBN 978-88-99180-66-9 (Italian)
My Mini Veneto & Venice - Discovering the land of gondolas, splendid villas and carnival
ISBN 978-88-99180-67-6 (english)

Did you know that in Veneto there are ancient forests and Mountain grandiose, islands colorful and lands with bizarre shapes created by the waters?
And did you know that some of the greatest masterpieces of theuntil world? That one of the most beautiful stories in the world is set in Verona?
And that the Carnival Venice is the most colorful on the planet?

And Venice a Verona, yes Padua at Dolomites, a book to leaf through to make an adventurous journey through fortified cities and labyrinths, ancient astronomical clocks, excursions into nature, goblins and mysteries, popular festivals and mouth-watering foods.

Getting started • Nature • Animals • Venice and its islands • History • Masterpieces of art • Gardens, villas and castles • Legends, mysteries and curiosities • Verona • Padua • Characters • Adventures • Let's party! • Everyone at the table!