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Never Well Done

Tales and recipes from Farm to Fork Toscana

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Texts and photos: Guido Cozzi
Illustrations: Monica Parussolo
Translation: Richard Sadleir
Language: Italian and English
Format: Hard Cover, 16.5x24 cm, 240 pages

Editions available:
Non serviamo fiorentine ben cotte. Cultura della cucina di carne in Toscana
ISBN: 978-88-31403-06-1 (italiano)
Never well done. Tales and recipes from Farm to Fork Toscana
ISBN: 978-88-31403-07-8 (English)

Co-editor: Tethys Books

In this book we talk about Tuscany. But we won't talk about the landscape, cypresses and olive trees, cities of art and medieval villages: we will talk about meat, meat cuisine, the culture of meat cuisine. In Tuscany. It is a peculiarity of this region to give such a high value and quality to this diet and - at the same time - to know how to dose it with common sense. For this reason it seems right to talk about it.
What interested us most of all was expressing a concept of sustainability and culture: the two things go together, and a subject as delicate as daily food, which must be in harmony with respect for animal welfare and the fragility of the environment, needs an advanced laboratory to understand how to evolve in a balanced way. Here it is: inside the Tuscan peasant tradition we found a trace, an idea of that laboratory. The idea is that perhaps – probably – if we raise animals according to nature, if we respect the cycle of the seasons, if we use the land better, if we eat less meat, perhaps we will be saved. And we live better too.

With 40 recipes by Stefano Bencistà Falorni.
They are simple, solid things, easy to do too. Trying to interpret them, make them your own, is the most sincere invitation we can make. A bit like sitting at a table in Tuscany.