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Omaggio a Firenze - Homage to Florence

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Author: Massimo Borchi, Guido Cozzi
Translations: Angela Field

Tongue: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Hardback, 21x24 cm, 192 pages
ISBN 978-88-31403-08-5

Co-Publisher: Tethys Books

Homage to Florence is a Photobook by Massimo Borchi and Guido Cozzi. From the preface by Valerio Aoilli:… they possess acuteness and passion, and in their work they are able to combine respect for forms and compositional freedom. It was not easy to find new angles in a city that gives - in dialogue with the remnants of Dante, Leopardi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ruskin, Tabucchi and many others - form a mottled and powerful picture, which makes this book an anti-rhetorical and full of beauty homage to Florence. Allowing me too, for once, to look at her with wide eyes as if I didn't know her.

Omaggio a Firenze - SimebooksOmaggio a Firenze - Simebooks

Omaggio a Firenze - Simebooks
Omaggio a Firenze - Simebooks