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Polenta & Amarone

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Texts: Silvia Frau
Photo: Sandra Raccanello
Illustrations: Luisa Bertolo
Language: bilingual Italian-English, bilingual Italian-German
Format: hard cover, 17x24cm, 224 pages

Editions available:
Polenta & Amarone. Lake Garda, Verona and Valpolicella on the table - The flavors of Garda lake, Verona and Valpolicella
Translation: Richard Sadleir
ISBN: 978-88-99180-61-4 (bilingual Italian-English)
Polenta & Amarone. Lago di Garda, Verona e Valpolicella in tavola – The taste of Lake Garda, Verona and Valpolicella
Translation: Lidia Nani
ISBN: 978-88-99180-63-8 (bilingual Italian-German)

42 recipes from local chefs, 12 wineries and stunning photographs

Food represents a territory, its history, culture and traditions. It is the story of the places, the climate and the people who live there. This is why we decided to go to the discovery of Lake Garda, of the neighbor Valpolicella and of Verona, asking the cooks of some local wine bars, trattorias and restaurants to interpret the products that are most representative for them in a modern cuisine, but strongly linked to tradition, as they do for their guests. The result is a cookbook, but above all an intimate and never predictable story, closely linked to the sensitivity of each of them and to the respect they bring to this land. Recipes also linked to the seasons in the choice of products and all reproducible in the home kitchen.

Neighboring territories but with such specific characteristics create, as always happens in Italy, an enormous variety of products. Products that often also become the protagonists of stories and legends. Because they are not only the result of the geographical and climatic arrangement, but also of the history of the territory. Invasions, wars and dominations - in some cases, by enlightened rulers - have allowed our ancestors to learn out of necessity but with creativity, perfecting the knowledge of other peoples. A "know-how" that has filtered through the centuries up to today's artisans of taste, who pass it on with an unparalleled attention to quality. You can already feel it in the act of uncorking a bottle of wine, like a great red from Valpolicella, which we have chosen to describe here as perfect hyphen between the shores of Lake Garda and the city of Verona.