Sicilia, l'Isola - The Island
Sicilia, l'Isola - The Island
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Sicilia, l'Isola - The Island

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Author: Luisa Taliento
I photograph: Alessandro Saffo

Tongue: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Softcover, 21x21 cm, 240 pagine
ISBN 978-88-95218-01-4

"They told me that to understand this island you have to go to the top of the volcano, step on its hard rock". It is precisely from Etna, the great heart of fire that beats in Sicily, that an unusual guide begins, leading to the discovery of a land of sensational beauty. An evocative journey made of words and images that vividly evoke the colors, the life and the millenary history of this triangle of land lying in the center of the Mediterranean and its different cultures.

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