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Sicilia, Le ricette più gustose

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Author: William Dello Russo
Photographer: Simephoto

The flavors of tradition

The cuisine of Sicily takes its flavours from the sea, land and mountains. Its unique mixture of tastes is also the product of an overlapping of the different cultures that, over thousands of years, have made Sicily a crossroads between the culinary traditions of the Western and Arab worlds. And behind it all is local produce of exceptional quality – foods that give life to a cuisine that can be simple or complex, rustic or refined.

Language: Italian, English, Deutsch, Français, Español
Format: Hardback, 14.5x17.5 cm, 96 pages
ISBN 978-88-95218-23-6 (Italian)
ISBN 978-88-95218-18-2 (English)
ISBN 978-88-95218-52-6 (Deutsch)
ISBN 978-88-95218-51-9 (Français)
ISBN 978-88-99180-99-7 (Español)