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Toscana in Cucina - The flavours of Tuscany

80 traditional recipes (and not)
80 traditional and non-traditional recipes

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Texts: Paola Baccetti, Laura Giusti, Franco Palandra
Photo: Colin Dutton
Language: bilingual Italian-English, bilingual Italian-German
Format: hardcover, 19.5x23.5cm, 288 pages

Editions available:
Tuscany in the kitchen – The flavors of Tuscany. 80 traditional (and non-traditional) recipes – 80 traditional and non-traditional recipes
Translation: Angela Arnone
ISBN: 978-88-95218-45-8 (Italian-English bilingual)
Toscana in cucina – Tuscan cuisine. 80 ricette della tradizione (e non) - 80 traditional and modern recipes
Translation: Sonja Schroll
ISBN: 978-88-99180-70-6 (bilingual Italian-German)

Tuscan cuisine is simple and refined from time to time, commoner and aristocratic, but always genuine and tasty, which also includes delicious sweets, which often echo echoes of a time – the Middle Ages – in which Florence and the Tuscany they were truly at the center of the world.

Tuscany in the kitchen it is not a simple recipe book, but an authentic insight into the gastronomic civilization and culture of Tuscany, a journey through images through photographs created ad hoc by specialized photographers.
The volume collects 80 recipes traditional, but also preparations enriched by touches of creativity and precious suggestions on combinations with local wines.

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