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Valle d'Aosta in cucina - The flavours of Aosta Valley

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Texts: Paola Pignatelli
Photo: Stefano Torrione
Language: bilingual Italian-English, bilingual Italian-French
Format: hard cover, 19.5x23.5cm, 288 pages

Available editions:
Aosta Valley in the kitchen - The flavors of Aosta Valley. 80 traditional and non-traditional recipes - 80 traditional and non-traditional recipes
Translation: Simona Milanese
ISBN 978-88-95218-65-6 (bilingual Italian-English)
Valle d'Aosta in cucina – The cuisine in the Aosta Valley. 80 traditional recipes (and not) – 80 traditional recipes (but not only)
ISBN 978-88-95218-72-4 (bilingual Italian-French)

Milk, cheese, butter, polenta, potatoes. Cured meats, game, trout, chestnuts, apples. The treasures of the mountain cuisine of the Valle d'Aosta they're all here. These traditional flavors preserved in ancient family recipes are today enhanced by chefs and restaurateurs who propose them again at the table in a range full of authentic and new proposals. The dishes are accompanied by local wines which, despite starting from a small land, have come a long way.
This book aims to be a greedy exploration of one of the most characteristic regions of the Alps.

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