Treviso 101
Treviso 101

Treviso 101

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Author: Alessandro Zaltron, Elisa Giraud
Photographer: Simephoto

Le Meraviglie della Marca, 101 Ways to discover Treviso

One always falls in love with a casual gesture, those gestures which are the least premeditated, the most awkward. One falls in love with an ambiance, with fulfilled expectations, with self-created doubts which at the very least make the ending uncertain. One becomes enamored of the lock of hair curled distractedly around a finger, of a strange way of walking, or of a pair of shoes so out of style as to be touching. Of course we are speaking of details- small things. They are the only ones capable of piercing the heart, eluding the cynical watchdog of critical sense.

Language: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Hardback, 16x21 cm, 240 pages
ISBN 978-88-95218-14-4

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